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Bewitched – Review


Jack Wyatt (Ferrell), a vain and self obsessed actor, is trying to get
his career back on track when he is cast as the lead in a remake of the
beloved 1960s TV series Bewitched. He is looking for an unknown to play
the lovable nose twitching witch Samantha.
After seeing hundreds of unsuitable candidates he comes across Isabel
(Kidman) in a book shop. Her nose looks uncannily like that of Elizabeth
Montgomery, who played Samantha in the original show. Anyway she proves
What he doesn’t know is that Isabel is a real life witch who has decided
to put her magic ways behind her and lead a normal life in suburbia.


Directed and co-written by the queen of the rom-com Nora Ephron (When
Harry Met Sally/Sleepless in Seattle), this lacks all the charm, magic
and wit of the TV series Bewitched. Kidman looks way out of her depth
playing comedy, portraying Isabel as a dumb blonde who sounds more like
Marilyn Monroe at times. Elizabeth Montgomery was a natural who made it
look really easy.
Ferrell is completely over the top and hammy as the prima donna star.
Shirley McLaine and Sir Michael Caine are the only ones worth watching
and they are not in it long enough. Part of the plot involving their
characters, which has great possibilities, is suddenly dropped half way
through the film without rhyme or reason.
They also introduced scatty but lovable Aunt Clara and prankster Uncle
Arthur, characters from the TV show, who will mean nothing to anyone who
has never watched Bewitched (i.e. most of the audience).
In the movie Kidman pulls her ear and makes awful situations rewind back
to the beginning – I wish I could do just that and recoup the hour and a
half I spent watching this film.

BEWITCHED opens on 19 August 2005



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