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Blade Trinity – Review


Over the years, Blade (Snipes) has killed hundreds of vampires and their human helpers. Not believing in blood-suckers, two FBI agents arrest him for mass murder.
Meanwhile, some vampires have just woken the original Dracula from his thousand year slumber, to help them create an all-powerful vampire race.
Only Blade can kill him, so a group of vampire-hunting upstarts breaks him out of jail to help them save the world.


This is a slick, fast-paced, effects-laden action flick that’s filled with cool, beautiful people. But there the compliments end.
It’s a string of illogical Hollywood clichés, such as foes deciding to fight later rather than when they first meet.
And if Dracula’s much stronger in his non-human form, why doesn’t he adopt it earlier and get the job out of the way.
If it followed any degree of logic, it would be half as long but half the fun. It’s necessarily mind-numbing nonsense.

BLADE TRINITY opens December 8 2004



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