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Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism: A Love Story – Review


Michael Moore explores the economic meltdown, its historic roots and the people behind it and ends up blaming it all on Capitalism hisuite herunterladen.

First he shows the effect of the recent economic crisis on people across America; the ones who lost their jobs, the families who are fighting for their foreclosed homes, the workers who barricade themselves in their factory and end up winning their rightful compensation…and so on herunterladen.

Then he exposes the symptoms of failing capitalism, where the big corporations exploit and abuse their workers and the system. He shows a crooked judge who was paid to send over 6500 innocent minors to a detention centre, which is run by a the judge’s benefactors and paid for by the taxpayer; And other Corporations profiting from the death of their workers and scheming to take over America and control the masses testament for free.

Then he tried to find the answer to “Why are we bailing out the big bad guys with our tax money, instead of he little good ones?”

He tried to get answers from the big bad guys and Congressmen, but he doesn’t get far sweet amoris herunterladen. It all sounds like a conspiracy.

Finally, Moore heads to the offices of the big banks in New York City in an attempt to collect the taxpayers’ money that they received from the US government itunes for free.


Unlike his previous documentaries, where Moore juxtaposed his criticism of the American Medical system, War on Terror approach and gun control with better, working systems in other nations, this time he couldn’t find anywhere in the world where a social or financial system has worked adequately route herunterladen google maps.

The truth is that there is no perfect formula that could effectively govern the human race, for humans are innately selfish, and each will always seek to bend or break the rules in order to fulfil their own egotistic needs etka kostenlos herunterladen.
Religion, Socialism and Capitalism are efficient and benevolent social systems as long as everyone conforms to their values and adheres to their rules herunterladen. However, these systems tend to produce powerful individuals who end up abusing them and ultimately breaking them down, as it happened with Christianity in the Dark Ages and with Communism in the twentieth century and, according to Moore, it’s now happening with Capitalism in the Western world spotify für windows herunterladen.

Moore blames all the ills of the American financial system on Capitalism. He also gets the approval of his priest and even the Catholic Bishop in Chicago microsoft visual studio. I wonder, would those good Christians approve of Socialism? But of course, Moore never asks a question that could potentially produce an answer that is incongruous with his own script.

In fact, Moore doesn’t interview anyone who disagrees with him, albeit that could be a result of the pariah status that Moore gained from his opponents, who are undoubtedly trying to discredit him by avoiding him. Therefore, we have to be content with Moore acting as the prosecutor, the Judge and even attempting to be the executioner.

Moore’s pursuit of truth and justice is noble and commendable. Unfortunately, his ardent passion to reform the American System and uncompromising anger towards those who seek to subvert it conduces him to resort to sensationalism instead of pursuing a careful study of the core problems that lead to such collapse of social systems and the right way to address and remedy them.

Having said all that, this documentary is informative, provocative, revealing and a fun to watch. Michael Moore shocks, delights and entertain with his light-hearted humour and silly gimmicks. It’s bound to stimulate discussions and spur debate, as is always the case with Moore’s films.

Opens in the US Oct 09

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