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Churchill: The Hollywood Years – Review


In his finest hour Winston Churchill (Slater) is a young foul mouthed, gun toting American GI who tries to defeat Hitler’s plan to convince King George (Enfield) to join the war against the U.S.
Along the way Churchill becomes romantically involved with the idealistic Princess Elizabeth (Campbell).


This is a complete send up of the Americans’ love of rewriting history for the big screen. Remember Pearl Harbor and U-571?
Christian Slater, with a big fat cigar and tongue firmly in cheek, plays Churchill as Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies. Neve Campbell is hysterical as Princess Elizabeth sounding a cross between the Queen and Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter.
It’s irreverent, it’s funny and reads like a Who’s Who of the best of British comedy.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years opens 3rd December 2004



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