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Parisians Marc (Melki) and Béatrix (Tedeschi) are spending the summer at their seaside holiday home with their adolescent children.
Laura (Seyvecou) is whisked away to Portugal by her biker boyfriend and Charly’s (Torres) best friend Martin (Collin) comes down to take her place.
During the days that follow, Marc and Béatrix come to the conclusion that Charly is gay and involved with Martin, Béatrix keeps sloping off to meet her own lover, Marc has an unexpected encounter with his first love – and everyone gets fed up because for one reason or another, they can never get in the shower when they want to.
Needless to say, for a lightweight French sex-farce, the question isn’t whether everything will work out OK by the end of the holiday, but how.


This is a bright and breezy, good natured and cheeky sex comedy, if a little close to the bone at times.
Whether you’re gay or straight, it’s not the kind of thing you’d want to watch with your parents – put it that way!
A lot of the film is about setting up expectations and knocking them down again – both for the viewers and for the characters themselves. Sometimes we’re in on the gossip – other times we learn with them.
There are warm performances (from familiar faces and newcomers alike), and some typically French comic wit, but storywise, it’s really pretty inconsequential, with no message deeper than “it doesn’t matter whether your loved ones are gay or straight, you should love them just the same.”
And in typical art-house fashion, stuck for a suitable way to end the end the film, once the loose ends of the plot have been all-too-neatly tied up, everyone breaks into a rather surreal and unnecessary song-and-dance routine, to see us through the closing credits.
It’s quaint and fun, but rather forgettable – or at least memorable for the wrong reasons.

Opens nationwide 14th April 2006



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