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Cursed – Review


On a moonlit night in Los Angeles Ellie (Ricci) and her brother Jimmy
(Eisenberg) are driving along a deserted road when they hit an animal
and accidentally force another vehicle off the road herunterladen.
The driver is whisked away by what looks like a massive wolf, which
injures both brother and sister as they try to stop it.
As the days pass, they discover they are changing into werewolves and
the only way to stop it is to break the curse strato ssl.
In the meantime there is a lone werewolf killing off young women.


This is a very entertaining tongue-in-cheek werewolf flick from the
creators of Scream gpx tracks download kostenlos. It is packed with red herrings and classic monster
Joshua Jackson is great eye candy for the girls as Ellie’s tall, dark
and mysterious boyfriend, who is terribly understanding herunterladen.
Christina Ricci is as good as ever, and born to be in this kind of movie
with her gothic looks, while Jesse Eisenberg is great as her geeky
younger brother who is convinced they are turning into werewolves but
nobody will believe him herunterladen.
Great cameo from Scott Baio (Chachi in Happy Days).
Cursed is not as funny or as clever as American Werewolf In London, but
it’s a great Friday night popcorn movie wordpad deutsch kostenlos herunterladen.

CURSED opens on April 22

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