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OK – to catch up – if you didn’t see Russia’s most successful box-office hit Night Watch, you’ll need to know that there are people walking among us with special powers. They’re known as “others” – some others (the good guys) are “light others” and the other others (the baddies) are “dark others.”
For hundreds of years, we’ve been OK, because there’s been a truce between the two sides, but should the truce be broken, like – say – because a dark other spills one drop of blood of a light other – we’re in big trouble. A war will break out between the two sides that will pretty much destroy the world.
There – that’s the background.
As we left Night Watch, the son of our favourite “good” other Anton (Khabensky) chose the dark side. As we start Day Watch, the son is making mischief.
Torn between protecting the world and protecting his son, and with the help of such tricks as the “chalk of fate” (as the name suggests, a piece of magic chalk) and swapping bodies with a female colleague, Anton and his team strive to protect the balance of good and evil in the universe.


OK – so that’s kind of the plot. I think.
This is one of the most complicated films, plot-wise, for years – it’s certainly more complex than its nocturnal predecessor.
But the story isn’t really the point – this is a case of the actors having fun while the film-makers roll out one visual trick after another – whether it’s cars driving along the walls of buildings, people walking through windows or entire cityscapes crumbling to dust – even the subtitles provide visual gags, dripping with blood or being sliced by swiping swords.
At a more sensible length, it would be an entertaining – even invigorating – way to spend an evening, but more than two hours of reading subtitles while trying to take in all the visual tricks, without loosing the ridiculously complex plot, makes it more of an unwelcome challenge than an interesting diversion.

opens nationwide 5th October 2007

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