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Don't Move
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Don't Move – Review


Surgeon Timoteo (Castellitto) is called out of the operating theatre after his daughter is seriously hurt in a road accident. Becoming suddenly aware of his loved-one’s mortality makes him recall an old relationship.
He remembers how, years ago, when he broke down in the countryside, he met the sultry waitress, Italia (Cruz) and was overcome with uncontrollable lust.
Being married at the time didn’t stop him pursuing a torrid, at times violent and ultimately tragic affair with her.


Timoteo is a little too unpleasant for us to like him and by extension care about him about what happens to him, so if something bad happens, well, we kind of feel he deserves it.
There’s no denying the power of the two central performances, but with Cruz convincingly playing against type, as poor, ugly and dirty, it’s hard to see why a wealthy surgeon with a beautiful and patient wife would be drawn to her.
The focus of the film isn’t entirely clear: is it a film about a man’s inexplicable infidelity or about how a weak woman’s ill-advised affair leads to tragedy?
Either way it’s been done better before in more emotionally absorbing films.

DON’T MOVE opens March 18 2005



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