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Eden – Review


The overweight and eccentric master chef Gregor (Ostendorf) befriends Eden (Roche), a waitress, and her 5 year old daughter who has Downs Syndrome kostenlos microsoft office herunterladen. He introduces Eden to his erotic cuisine which she becomes addicted to. Their weekly meals fill the void in both their lives. Eden finds that her marriage blossoms as a result but her husband feeling threatened by their gourmet meetings takes matters into his own hands Download android games for free.


Written and directed by Michael Hofmann this film is about the power of love and the power and sensuality of food audio device. It’s raw, it’s sexy and it’s orgasmic but watching people eat here isn’t a pretty sight. The film opens with Gregor taking erotic pleasure in devouring the dishes he painstakingly prepares Download movies for free.
Josef Ostendorf and Charlotte Roche give heart-warming performances making you believe without question that Eden and the asexual Gregor would fall for each other download ps4 in sleep mode.
This is a deliciously touching and moving film which shows that food isn’t just a means of fuel and providing a lot of food for thought.
Just make sure you have eaten before you see it die verurteilten herunterladen.

Opens 16 March 2007

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