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Elektra – Review
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Elektra – Review


Having been brought back from the dead Elektra (Garner) has severed all ties from the world and has become a hired assassin.
Against her better, judgement she becomes emotionally involved with her latest target Mark Miller (Visnjic) and his daughter Abby ( Prout), who are on the run from The Hand, a powerful syndicate whose members practice the dark martial art of ninjitsu.
She decides to help them as she battles her own inner demons.


Reprising her role as Elektra from the Daredevil movie Jennifer Garner kicks serious butt in a scarlet red laced bodice, satin hipsters and red leather boots and armed with a pair of three prong daggers.
Elektra fans will be delighted she’s back in her red uniform along with most teenage boys.
Garner is charismatic and commanding as the cold blooded killer. The villains are fun and the set fight scenes are imaginative and thrilling.
The script is average though, with a ridiculously sentimental ending and the movie takes itself a little too seriously.
It does what it says on the label.

ELEKTRA opens on January 21 2005



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