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Final Destination 3 – Review


A group of seniors are getting up to their usual antics at a fair to celebrate their school graduation.
One of them, Wendy (Winstead), is snapping photos of the others for their yearbook.
As they climb on board the “Devil’s Flight” roller coaster, Wendy has a premonition that something’s going to go horribly wrong. She throws a tantrum and gets thrown off the ride. A handful of other kids, caught up in the fracas, also get kicked out, but her boyfriend and best friend remain in their seats.
Moments later – disaster – kids go flying to their deaths.
As Wendy and her best friend’s boyfriend (who’s also her boyfriend’s best friend) Kevin (Merriman) struggle to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones and the guilt that survival leaves them with, one by one, the other kids who got off the ride start dying in increasingly Heath Robinson ways.
Can Wendy and Kevin find out what’s happening in time to stop Death collecting all the souls he believes he is due?


If you’ve seen the first Final Destination movie, don’t bother with this one, as it would be a waste of an hour and a half of your life.
If you haven’t seen the first one, still don’t bother with this – get out the original on DVD.
This is exactly the same story, but with a transatlantic flight flight replaced by a roller-coaster ride and familiar, likeable characters replaced by a bunch of mostly selfish, cantankerous teens with few redeeming factors – on the whole, you just can’t wait for them to die.
And I never thought I’d say this about the first movie – but by comparison with this one, it was rather profound and at least as logical as the genre allows – this time around, a key part of the initial premonition proves to be monstrously incoherent.
There will be times when you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat with nervous anticipation, but it fails to offer anything fresh – it never gets close to feeling original.
Although some of the deaths here are more protracted and, dare I say it, imaginative than in the previous films, if you know the formula, nothing will come as a surprise and they even end up using the same “see, I didn’t die – oops” gag twice.
The second Final Destination movie was a refreshingly clever twist on an original concept – this is one of the most pointless, shallow and frustratingly banal sequels I can remember.

Opens nationwide 10 Feb 2006



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