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Garden State

Garden State – Review


Depressive small-time TV actor Andrew (Braff) returns home to New Jersey from Los Angeles for his mother’s funeral.
During the days that follow, he catches up with old friends, makes new ones and tries to resolve some of the issues that have haunted him since childhood download all images from the cloud.
A confrontation with his Dad (Holm) and a chance encounter with the flighty Sam (Portman) give him the confidence he needs to face life with a new vigour focusen.


The pet project of the star of TV’s Scrubs starts off promisingly in the vein of the offbeat hospital comedy.
But within minutes, all the originality and flair are replaced by a warm but rather bog-standard drama about self-discovery download diba app.
Within the framework of a drama, the surreal supporting characters seem out of place. It’s all rather earnest and tends to take itself far too seriously herunterladen.
It’s perhaps the kiss of death for any film to use this word, but the feeling you come away with is that it’s “nice.”

GARDEN STATE opens December 10 2004

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