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Guess Who – Review


Simon (Kutcher) and Theresa (Saldaña) want to announce their engagement at her parents’ 25th anniversary party.
But she’s omitted to tell them one thing: when, on meeting Simon, they see that he’s white, Theresa’s traditional father Percy (Mac) doesn’t take it at all well.
Can Simon defeat the “comedy” prejudice of the doubting Percy, to prove that he’s worthy of his daughter, without jeopardising Theresa’s faith in him?


The film explores the same territory as many familial comedies before it – such as Meet The Parents – but somehow it still manages to seem fresh.
That’s largely down to good chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac and some sharply observed and original comic moments.
But half an hour from the end, the plot loses coherence and the film starts flailing around, reaching for the worst clichés of the genre – the race against time to the station, for example – to keep it afloat.
Sadly, the result is that what begins as an above average rom-com exchanges smart racial obsevation for mindless racial stereotyping and ends up leaving a rather sour taste in your mouth – or at least, a needlessly sugary one.

Opens April 22



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