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Hide And Seek
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Hide And Seek – Review


Psychologist David (De Niro) moves to the country with his daughter Emily (Fanning), after his wife commits suicide.
Unable to cope with her mother’s death, the only way Emily can console herself is by finding an imaginary friend, called Charlie.
When disturbing things start happening around the house – at first graffiti but later gruesome murders – Emily blames her new friend.
Can anyone unravel the mystery before Charlie’s anger tears the family apart?


What was Robert De Niro doing in this chiller-by-numbers, so full of clichés, it’s amazing there was time for a plot – although not much of one?
Mysterious neighbours, creepy locals, one beautiful woman to die tragically and another to save the day fill out a cast of unbelievable, corny characters.
The twist will surprise you, but only because no matter how many times you’ve seen the same thing happen in other films, this time it can’t possibly follow from what’s gone before.
If you’re invited to this film, hide.

HIDE AND SEEK opens February 25 2005



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