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Holy Motors – Review

Holy Motors – Review


Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant) is collected by his chauffeur (Edith Scob) in her limousine at the start of a long night’s work Download audio recorder for free.

On the way to his first appointment, he dons his costume and make-up and an elderly beggar woman climbs out of the limousine, demanding money from passers-by ccleaner.de kostenlos download.

He jumps back into the car and removes his disguise on the way to the next gig, which finds him dancing intimately – and increasingly explicitly – with a woman in a motion-capture suit herunterladen.

As the night progresses, Monsieur Oscar is driven from one appointment to the next – a grumpy father picking up his daughter from a party, a dying man receiving a visit from his great-niece, a low-life who kills someone and then disguises the body to look like him schriftart roboto herunterladen. There’s an encounter with a gamine singer who seems to be a lost love (Kylie Minogue) and most peculiarly, he takes on the guise of a ginger bearded, green-clad, blisteringly-energetic, flower-munching leprechaun, who kidnaps a supermodel (Eva Mendes) during a fashion shoot hp deskjet 2630 herunterladen.

He appears to grow increasingly disconcerted with his lot, until a man who might be his boss (Michel PIccoli) turns up in the limo to set him straight whatsapp herunterladen ohne app store.

The night ends with him being dropped home – or is it home? It’s not where he was first collected and the family he finds there is certainly a little unconventional autodesk manager.


OK, so it’s clear that section labelled “what’s it about” is quite possibly redundant for a film like this download sharepoint folder. It’s not about anything really. Well, not anything that can be that clearly defined.

In Leos Carax’s first film for 13 years, he could be studying identity, celebrity, alienation, duty or almost anything else linux betriebssystem kostenlos herunterladen.

It’s a visual symphony, from which you can take almost whatever you like. Is he a performance artist? Or is it something deeper than that tekken 3 game free downloaden? If Michel PIccoli is his boss, who are their clients?

Some of his characters are clearly over the top and staged – others feel like they could be real. Could naming him Oscar be a reference to his award-worthy performance – within the individual roles or the wider film? There are certainly plenty of other film references for true cineastes to pick out – if you can, it might give Holy Motors just a little more grounding. Not much, but a little. All of which makes it feel more like a film-school project or a piece of video-art than any kind of a coherent feature film, which is certainly not anything it’s trying to be.

Whether you find it moving or inpenetrable, Holy Motors is certainly pretentious, if admirable for its bravura. It will make you think – but there might not be an answer, which makes thinking redundant and unrewarding.

Since it premiered at Cannes – the kind of film festival where such oddities can almost feel at home – it has been collecting five star reviews from some of the world’s most respected critics. But these critics are among – perhaps – the five per cent of the cinemagoing audience who will get the references and who are content to sit back and let cinema wash over them.

But no film that will unquestionably alienate almost the entire audience and confuse the majority of what’s left can be labelled perfect. There is much for open-minded film fans to admire, but most people will be left cold.

A five star for a small number of cineastes and one star for its undoubted chutzpah from the bulk of narrative-seeking regular cinemagoing audiences, the star rating is a mathematical concoction as random as Carax’s vision.

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