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Land of the Dead – Review


The dead are roaming the earth, killing poor humans for food. But the rich live in Fiddler’s Green, a luxury – and more importantly secure – high-rise complex.
The owner of the Fiddler’s Green, Kaufman (Hopper), ruthlessly oversees his wealthy guests, doing dodgy deals with mercenaries he sends out to keep the zombies at bay.
One of these mercenaries, Cholo (Leguizamo), works with a team of vigilantes, who work outside the electrified fences to kill the undead, using fireworks to distract them, before blowing their heads to smithereens.
But over time, the zombies start to become intelligent and the humans start to become complacent, and end up fighting among themselves.


George A Romero pretty well invented zombies – and this time, he gives his beasts a new weapon: intelligence.
For the first time, they can think, learn, communicate and follow a leader.
The humans, on the other hand, have taken an evolutionary step backwards, fighting each other and letting greed get in the way of the greater good.
Luckily for Romero, this isn’t a film that relies on its story.
If you favour comic gore over a coherent plot, you’ll feel at home in the Land of the Dead.

Opens nationwide on 23 September 2005

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