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Love + hate – Review

What is it about?

Set in northern England, Naseems, a Muslim Pakistani girl, falls in love with Adam, a racist white boy. Her brother, Yousif, is secretly dating her work colleague, Michelle, whose father is Yousif’s boss herunterladen.
Adams, fearing the reactions of his racist family and friends, initially rejects Naseema, but soon he succumbs to his feelings towards her and starts dating clandestinely download movies from the 3sat mediathek.
But when Adam and his racist friend, Shane, viciously attack an asian cab-driver, who happened to be Naseema’s father, things get ugly and Adam and Naseema’s romance is jeopardised herunterladen.

How is it?

This is a film that deals with a theme that has already been explored in many films, like Ken Loach’s “AE fond Kiss”. Is it worth going back to the cinema to see this one blah blah blah for free? Hmm, I don’t think so.
The film is gritty and feels like a docu-drama, yet it is full of contrived coincidences that we don’t even see in Hollywood fantasy films stamp for free. Instead of focusing on the main plot – the emotional journey of the white boy and Muslim girl and their illicit relationship – it jumps chaotically between different subplots, which are driven by uninteresting characters that are either undeveloped or look like stereotypes drawn from other films adobe illustrator download for free.
It’s also evident that the film maker lacks the basic understanding of Muslim family life in contemporary Britain, by making them look as if they have just landed from a village in rural Pakistan formule 1 kalender 2020 nederlandse tijden.
The photography, however, has successfully captured the dark mood of the film. Also, there are some impressive performances from some of the ‘non professional’ actors, but unfortunately this talent is drowned by a lame and unoriginal script fortnite download kostenlos windows.
This film was obviously meant to teach us something. Alas, it has failed. It’s just a regurgitation of other better films, ultimately with poor results minecraft burg herunterladen.

Release Nationwide on Friday 2nd May 2006

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