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Mad Detective

Mad Detective – Review


Detective Bun (Lau Ching-wan) has an uncanny ability; he solves crimes by intuition rather than logic by reliving the moment of crime download videos from internet. He asks young officer, Ho Kan-on (Andy On) to zip him inside a suitcase –like the victim- and tumble him downstairs. When he climbs out of the suitcase, he announces the name of the culprit herunterladen.

He is as mad as his technique. When his superior leaves office, he slashes his own ear off at the ceremony. Consequently, he looses his job.

But after 5 years he is called back by officer Ho Kan-on, when two officers, Ko Chi-wai (lam Ka –tung) and Wong Kwok-chu, were caught in a shoot out in a forest and Wong vanishes gpx kostenlos herunterladen. For the last 18 months though, Wong’s gun has been used in a series of robberies.

Soon Bun and Ho are sucked into an intricate web of mysteries and a world of ghosts, that even with his unique talent, Bun is too overwhelmed to control or unfathom download the drawing program for free german full version.


Unlike other movies from Johnny To, this one is not imbued with slick action scenes, instead it’s a confusing and perplexing journey into the restless mind of a “Mad man”, which demands a lot of concentration war zone herunterladen.

There are moments where the script looses focus but that doesn’t degrade the core of the story, which has a powerful premise. Bun has a unique gift, we all wish to have: he sees the person’s inner personalities or hidden ghosts sims 3 herunterladen pc. In one masterly scene, we see those inner personalities, or zombies, at play when officer Ho interviews Ko Chi-wai in a restaurant. Each zombie character inside Ko Chi-wai has his/her own personality; the smart one, the gluttonous, the aggressive ..etc monopoly online deutsch kostenlos downloaden. Each played by a different actor. It will makes you wonder what kind of inner characters you have inside you.

This is an intelligent and a gripping psychological thriller, underpinned by a riveting performance from Lau Ching-wan, who convincingly inhabits the Mad Detective character fifa 12 download free pc.

Sadly the movie ends with a scene that is a cliché of many action films, but that doesn’t deter from the fact that this is an original film and I won’t be surprised if a Hollywood remake pops up in the near future busch jäger free@home key herunterladen.

Opens Nationwide 18 Jun 2008

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