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Meet The Robinsons – Review


12 year old orphan Lewis, has had abandonment issues, ever since his mother dumped him as a baby on the front doorstep of an orphanage herunterladen.
He has had 124 interviews with would-be parents but has been rejected every time. He invents a Memory Scanner to locate his real mum but it’s sabotaged at the school science fair by the bungling Bowler Hat Guy (Stephen Anderson) and Doris his evil bowler hat, with a devilish agenda all of her own adobe photoshop mac.
Lewis then encounters a mysterious stranger, Wilbur Robinson, who takes him back to the future where he meets the rest of the Robinsons and discovers a world full of hope where everything is possible imusic for free.


This is Disney’s latest CGI feature length animation which has been made in 2D and 3D versions. The 3-D movie is spectacular xbox one x spiele schneller downloaden. It’s an entertaining and captivating ride guaranteed to keep the little ones quiet for 101 minutes.
The future is bold and bright coloured and retro where anything can happen thanks to Wilbur’s father’s successful inventions while the alternate Evil Future is based on Doris nv bescheinigung herunterladen. It’s dingy, polluted, smog filled and every building is in the shape of a bowler hat; while Lewis’ present is depressingly miserable looking download minecraft for free.
The Robinsons are an unsual bunch, but with a big heart. Wilbur’s mother teaches frogs to sing and play in a swing band, his grandfather wears his clothes backwards and Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia have a bizarre marriage herunterladen. He’s henpecked by her but she is in fact a hand puppet which he works and yet noone seems to notice. Creepy and wrong on so many levels.
This is a hugely uplifting and optimistic movie although surprisingly dark for a kids’ film download microsoft powerpoint 2010 for free. A bowler hat with evil machinations and spider-like legs; smoking and drinking mafia styled singing frogs whose enemies mysteriously disappear and of course the hand puppet wife mieterlexikon kostenlos herunterladen.
It’s worth seeing Meet the Robinsons in 3D if you can — but only five cinemas across the country are screening it in that form.

Opens 30 March 2007

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