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Millions – Review


A bag full of money falls from the sky into the hands of eight year old
Damian (Etel) and his brother Anthony, (McGibbon) who’s 10.
They have just 12 days to spend a quarter of a million pounds before
Britain converts to the Euro.
Damian, who is very religious and sees Saints, believes it is a gift
from God and wants to give the money to the poor. His brother wants to
invest it in property.
But the bag’s owners, train robbers, want their cash back.


A surprisingly heartwarming and funny film from Danny Boyle (28 Days
Later, Trainspotting) set in the north west of England. It asks whether
money can truly bring you happiness, but fundamentally it’s about loss
and how people deal with grief as you soon learn that the two boys have
recently lost their mum.
Alex Etel and Lewis McGibbon are completely convincing as brothers and
are the stars of the film giving fantastic performances. Cherub looking
Alex just lights up the screen every time he is on and completely
upstages James Nesbitt who plays his father.
This is a magical and moving film and one of the first to show the north
in a bright and optimistic light.
The best British film of the year so far and a must see movie.

MILLIONS opens on 27 May 2005



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