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National Treasure – Review


Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage), along with six generations of his
family, has spent his whole life searching for the legendary Knights
Templar treasure, believed to be buried somewhere in America netflix app pc filmeen.
He finally discovers the clue that will lead to the big prize – a hidden
map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.
His arch rival, Ian Howe (Bean), is also after the treasure, so Gates
teams up with techno-geek Riley (Bartha) and National Archives
Conservator Abigail Chase (Kruger) to get to it first Download wedding music for free.


A cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Mummy, with a hint of
Mission Impossible thrown in.
Once you get past the first twenty minutes of exhausting history recap
(Knights Templar and the Gates family) and establishing the baddie, it
kicks into full adrenaline fuelled mode herunterladen.
It’s thrilling, gripping and very entertaining. Cage plays Ben with a
spirited humour, the straight man to Bartha’s wise-cracking high-tech
sidekick, while Bean performs another masterful job as the villain word zum downloaden kostenlos.
It’s nail biting fun for all the family although the kids might find it
a bit on the long side.

NATIONAL TREASURE opens on 26 December 2004

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