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New Town Original – Review


A group of young twenty-somethings are relatively unsatisfied with their boring jobs and mindless existence in their dull Essex New Town.
Things start getting interesting when Mick (Jordan) takes a girl home from the pub for a one-night stand.
He doesn’t realise until afterwards that Nicki used to date Si (McNeilly), the biggest thug in town. And to add to his problems, Si’s the jealous type.


You really want to like this: three Essex lads, shunned by British film bosses,

a snook at them and make their film anyway, with their own hard-earned cash.
They boast that it avoids the clichés of Essex films, like drugs or guns. But it’s actually those clichés that make films like Snatch work. In a genre film, clichés aren’t anything to be ashamed of – they can often help to make a mediocre film more interesting, in a way that a low-budget story of an average Joe might not.
Seeing gangsters might be corny, but it takes us to another world – seeing bored people struggling with relationships leaves us in our own lives and why do we need to go to the cinema for that? If we don’t like our own lives, try a soap on TV.
Contrary to what the title suggests, the plot is wholly unoriginal, and it isn’t helped by weak writing and acting that could be bettered by first year stage-school students.
These guys all have to be admired for their determination and enthusiasm. Now all they need is talent and originality.

Opens in selected cinemas, mostly in Essex (!), on April 15



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