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Norbit – Review


Norbit (Eddie Murphy) is brought up at the Golden Wonton Restaurant and Orphanage by Mr Wong (Eddie Murphy). He soon becomes best friends with Kate but she is forced to move away when she is adopted eos computerprogramm kostenlosen. Then one day he is rescued from the school playground bullies by ten year old Rasputia. They grow up and marry and Norbit is welcomed into Rasputia’s (Eddie Murphy) dysfunctional family Download videos from youtube on ipad. Years later Kate (Thandie Newton) returns to the area wanting to buy the orphanage and turning Norbit’s world upside down. With the help of her fiancé Deion (Cuba Gooding Jr) Rasputia’s three brothers try to con Kate out of the orphanage which they want to turn into a strip club herunterladen. Norbit uncovers the evil plan and comes to the rescue.


It’s racist, sexist, size-ist and even more unforgivable not funny dhl versandmarke herunterladen nicht möglich.
Oscar nominated Murphy takes on all the major roles again, donning on a fat suit once more as the unrecognisable and oversized Rasputia. He also plays the under the thumb Norbit and Mr Wong, who hates children and is racist ältere skype version herunterladen. Just because it’s Eddie delivering the lines doesn’t make it right or funny. Thandie Newton and Cuba Gooding Jr are wasted in their roles as the love of Norbit’s life and her dodgy fiancé Download the ballerspiel. They all seemed to be having a whale of a time – sadly the same can’t be said for the audience I was with.
Co-written by Murphy this is an abysmal comedy featuring all the racial stereotypes possible Download videos from youtube. The Hollywood star can do better as his Academy Award nominated performance in Dreamgirls proves.
The film poster asks “Have you ever made a really big mistake?”
Maybe Murphy is asking himself that same question herunterladen. Certainly watching this from beginning to end in the hope it had some redeeming feature comes top of my list. Give it a wide berth.

Opens nationwide 9 March 2007

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