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Outlaw – Review


When Bryant (Bean) returns from a stint in Iraq he arrives home to find his wife with another man. Disillusioned he goes to a hotel where he meets security chief Hillier (Harris), who befriends him and
persuades him to head a vigilante group which later becomes dubbed the Outlaws.
The other members are a prosecuting barrister Cedric Monroe (James), who is threatened into dropping the Old Bailey case of one of the city’s most feared villains, and Gene Dekker (Dyer) who went to school with Hillier and is being bullied at work.
Giving them a helping hand is an old school copper (Hoskins) who has been demoted into chauffeuring Monroe around.


Written and directed by Nick Love this is a cross between Death Wish, Fightclub and Love’s own Football Factory with guns.
It’s brutal, it’s violent and it’s relentless. It’s mindless vigilantism which slowly sucks you in as you find yourself supporting the group’s lust for revenge when Monroe’s pregnant wife is murdered, because he refuses to drop his high profile prosecution case.
It’s well acted with Sean Bean not really having to flex his acting muscle too greatly in a role that he could frankly play with his eyes closed.
Slightly more palatable than Football Factory, but only just, there does not seem to be much point to Nick Love’s latest offering.
Grown men beating strangers up and shooting guns as they dish out vigilante justice. Definitely one for the boys.

Opens on 9 March 2007



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