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Poseidon – Review


It’s New Year’s Eve on board the luxury cruise liner Poseidon, at sea in
the North Atlantic.
As many of the ship’s guests are toasting the new year, a gigantic rogue
wave hits the 20 storey high vessel which capsizes.
A few hundred survivors are trapped inside the Main Ballroom, of which a
handful, led by professional gambler Dylan Johns (Lucas) and Robert
Ramsey (Russell), decide to look for a way out.


Described as a fresh take on an old classic, who are the film makers
kidding? This is just a remake of the 1972 The Poseidon Adventure.
The characters might be slightly different but it’s the same premise,
down to the title.
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen (The Perfect Storm/Troy) this is a watery
version of the original and frankly a bit of a damp squib.
Although the special effects and action scenes can’t be faulted – the
film lacks the thrills and tension of its predecessor.
The reason is there’s no build up to the looming disaster and the main
characters are established within the first fifteen minutes of the
movie, before the wave hits, so they lack depth. You learn precious
little more about them throughout the film so by the end of it you
couldn’t care less whether they live or die.
Josh Lucas and Kurt Russell do their best but their charismatic personas
aren’t enough to save this sinking ship. Basically there’s no Shelley
Winters style character for you to root for.
Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, makes a surprising appearance as the
on-board entertainment (no doubt aimed at the yoof) but her on-screen
performance is cut short, getting out while the going’s still good. Then
it’s a non stop obstacle course race to see who makes it to dry land.
If you’ve seen the original, then this will prove a rough ride but if
you haven’t I suggest you give this one a wide berth and take out the
1972 classic for a spin instead.

Opens nationwide on 1 June 2006



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