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When explorer Dirk Pitt (McConaughey) finds a very rare coin linked to a
historical legend he embarks on the treasure hunt of his life with his
wisecracking sidekick, Al Giordino (Zahn) through West Africa downloaden netflix computer.
On their search for a long lost Civil War battleship, housing a secret
cargo, they meet Dr Eva Rojas (Cruz), a World Health Organisation
doctor, who’s on the trail of a mysterious killer illness herunterladen.


This is Indiana Jones meets James Bond meets Road to Morocco.
It’s a fast moving hugely entertaining action adventure film with a dash
of romance thrown in ebook kostenlos herunterladen deutsch.
It’s not as clever or ingenious as Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the
major set action scenes are explosive and the cinematography is
spectacular adobe shockwave player kostenlos downloaden. You can’t go wrong with the Sahara dessert.
There’s great chemistry between McConaughey and Zahn who seemed to be
having a ball panasonic spotify. Cruz gives a solid performance, though she has very
little to do for much of the movie, while William H Macy can do no
There are too many plots and it’s not clear where it’s heading at times
– that could be down to there being four screenwriters – but it all ties
up nicely by the end herunterladen. This is a silly but fun popcorn movie.

SAHARA opens on April 8 2005

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