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Scorched – Review


Carter (Thomas) turns up for his first day at work at a branch of a small bank in a quiet desert town to find he isn’t needed, as the bank’s just been robbed.
We flash back to the previous Friday, and discover that pretty well everyone working there has a grudge and plans to steal some cash to get back at someone.
The film follows a fateful weekend of comic thieving, gambling, job-hunting, revenge-seeking and character-building.


This is one of those low-budget, small-town American comedies that would be diverting enough on TV on a Sunday afternoon, but has no business being on the big screen.
Until now, we’ve managed to escape, but finally, more than two years after it was first screened to the press, it’s made it into cinemas.
It’s a harmless, if mindless, comedy, with little to recommend it but its bright enthusiasm.
Its slapstick humour is unimaginative and there are just too many strands to the plot to think about in a formulaic film which doesn’t warrant such concentration.
It’s sad to see Woody Harrelson lower himself to such depths, but it’s devastating to see John Cleese sinking even further into the comedy mire, after the likes of Rat Race.
I can imagine that the two year delay was down to him trying – and ultimately – failing to protect his comic reputation from another poor career choice. Once again, his fingers have been scorched.

Opens nationwide on 9th December 2005



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