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Sideways – Review


Miles (Giamatti) is an insecure and neurotic struggling author – insecure about both his writing and his love-life, not having been able to get over a traumatic break-up reha antrag herunterladen.
His best friend, actor Jack (Church) is about to get married, so Miles takes him off on a wine-tasting stag week, touring the vineyards of southern California herunterladen.
While Miles sees this as a chance to taste some good wine and try to say goodbye to his demons, Jack sees it as a chance to taste some beautiful women as he says goodbye to his freedom download minecraft realms world.
Their differing expectations lead to friction when Jack believes he’s fallen in love with a local wine-worker, while Miles just can’t fall in love with the waitress we all know is perfect for him lieder als mp3 downloaden.


This middle-aged road-movie is disarmingly charming.
The script is sharp and witty and like their journey, takes some unexpected turns herunterladen.
The performances are impeccable, with Giamatti unfairly overlooked for an Oscar, but Church and Madsen did pick up well-deserved nominations in the supporting categories download bs for free.
The film is the very definition of “bitter-sweet” comedy – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wince and you’ll really feel for the characters download adobe reader 2017 for free.
After About Schmidt, Alexander Payne has returned with another example of that rare commodity – a highly satisfying comedy for grown-ups.

SIDEWAYS opens 28 January 2005

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