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Sleeping Dogs – Review


One night while at college Amy (Page Hamilton) commits a sexual indiscretion with her dog. Years later her fiancé (Johnson) suggests they tell each other their darkest secrets, things they have never told anyone else. She refuses at first but finally relents. Unfortunately her brother, who is jealous of her, overhears her secret and breaks the bad news to their puritanical parents who see their daughter as the diamond girl – flawless. Her whole life then falls apart.


Despite the unsavoury premise of this film – this is in fact a sweet and endearing romantic comedy. Although it’s a one joke movie it does seem to manage to stretch it out for the whole hour and a half without too much problem. Thankfully you do not get to see the offending act but there are woeful looks from Amy’s dog throughout to remind you.
Written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait (Police Academy) the question is “is honesty the best policy”? The answer is no in certain cases and especially in this one.
Melinda Page Hamilton’s (the nun in Desperate Housewives) understated and natural performance, making Amy sympathetic, is the making of this film. The humour comes from the dynamics of the family and the bitter sibling rivalry. There is also a surprising revelation from her uber religious mother involving Roy Orbison and Elvis.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was an extremely funny gem of a rom com and not just a tasteless shaggy dog story.

Opens 16 March 2007



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