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When a local serial killer strikes again, FBI agents Elizabeth Anderson (Ormond) and Sam Hallaway (Pullman) head to a small-town police station to interview witnesses to the most recent attack.
The survivors include a crooked cop, a drug-addicted teenager and a young girl, who saw the rest of her family slain.
In the controlled environment of the interview rooms – under the gaze of the FBI’s hi-tech surveillance cameras – each witness gives a conflicting version of the brutal events.
As the different stories emerge, it soon becomes clear that something is not quite what it seems.


It’s been fifteen years since anyone has let Jennifer Lynch behind a camera — last time it was Boxing Helena — which was mired in legal battles and poor reviews.
But now — with her father David Lynch in charge, she gets another go.
Using leading cast who’ve both worked with her father, she delivers a film which could almost have been directed by him.
David Lynch — the executive producer of this film -– is one of those directors whose name has been used to describe his body of work — and his daughter Jennifer is following in his Lynchian footsteps.
The film is creepy and disturbing, full of unpleasant, unsympathetic characters and builds up to a twist that suggests you’ve been watching a different film from the one you thought, all along.
Most of the characters are actually loathsome enough that nasty as their fate is, they deserve pretty much everything they get.
It’s fairly inconsequential and not particularly original, but as the plot unfolds, it’s suitably tense and claustrophobic and if you don’t mind the violence, it’s an engaging enough crime film.

opens nationwide 6th March 2009



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