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Surviving Christmas – Review
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Surviving Christmas – Review


Dumped by his girlfriend for having no Christmas spirit, Drew (Affleck) feels lonely. He decides to retrace his roots and pays a visit to his childhood home.

Assuming he’s a burglar, Tom Valco, whose family lives there now, knocks Drew out. When he comes to, he realises he needs a family Christmas after all.

He offers Tom thousands of dollars to let him stay for the holidays. Against his better judgement, Tom agrees.


This painful embarrassment is another rung on Affleck’s ever-downward ladder.
His highly talented co-stars, Catherine O’Hara and James Gandolfini should be ashamed of joining in this tacky mess.

It’s plodding, predictable and dull, filled with stereotypes, and brimming with worthy political correctness.

You’ll smile a couple of times, although you won’t want to admit it to anyone. Any Scrooge who can survive this twee shambles will have no trouble surviving Christmas.



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