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The Dukes of Hazzard – Review


Cousins Bo (Scott) and Luke (Knoxville) have enemies in law enforcement looking for any excuse to trip them up.
Bo is gearing up to take on a big-shot racing driver in the Hazzard rally when they discover a conspiracy to take over farms and turn them into quarries.
The corrupt businessman, Boss Hogg (Reynolds), has set up a court hearing for opponents to complain, but it clashes with the rally.
Can Bo win the rally and get to the courthouse on time, while Luke rounds up the locals to add their voices to the protest?
Off course they can – but that’s hardly the point. This isn’t about the story – it’s about the ride.


The latest nostalgic TV series to get the Hollywood treatment delivers exactly what you’d expect: cheeky humour, lots of female flesh and wild car chases.
This is about as low-brow as films come and makes no attempt to stimulate the brain.
It shamelessly sets out to entertain a post-pub audience, Saturday night audience and succeeds.
The director and supporting cast come from the “Broken Lizard” comedy group behind Supertroopers and Club Dread. In those films, they all liked like they were having fun, but we certainly didn’t. In this case, the film is equally mindless – but we have fun too.

Opens 24 August 2005



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