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The Edukators – Review


Anti-capitalist rebels Jan (Brühl) and Peter (Erceg) break into the homes of the wealthy, move the furniture around and leave notes saying “you have too much money.”
When Peter is away one weekend, his girlfriend Jule (Jentsch) is whisked away by Jan on a similar mission, during which they’re disturbed by the homeowner.
Their only way out is to take him hostage. When Peter returns, they all head to a mountain retreat to work out how on earth to resolve the situation.


Unquestionably good performances from an exciting and attractive young cast lift what would otherwise be a rather unimpressive, low-key drama.
A bunch of radicals who set out to do little more than move a few bits of furniture around – woo – scary! “If you don’t mend your ways, we’ll leave you another note” kind of thing.
Thankfully for us, something goes very wrong, upping the stakes from being frustrated Turner Prize artists to armed kidnappers. And the waters being muddied by the added layer of the resulting love triangle challenges them even further.
Ultimately though, it’s too long, slow and inconsequential for what it’s trying to be – if indeed it even knows what it wants to be. A romantic drama? Political satire? Crime caper, kidnapping road movie? Who knows?

Opens April 15 2005



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