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The Honeymooners – Review


Bus driver Ralph (The Entertainer(!)), is struggling for cash and keeps coming up with made get-rich-quick schemes.
Every time he comes up with a mad idea, he ropes in his neighbour and friend, sewer worker Ed (Epps) to help download free games app.
Their wives aren’t impressed. They live in the real world and just want enough money to buy a house where the four can live together in comfort slope herunterladen. Then they find out about an elderly woman who’s selling her house cheap and they can just about scrape together enough money to buy it.
But a spanner is thrown in the works when a ruthless property developer (Stoltz) puts in a higher bid – and it doesn’t help that Ralph and Ed have spent their wives’ life savings on a mangy greyhound and the crooked trainer (Leguizamo) they hope will bring them glory epic games spiel downloaden.


Once again, Hollywood resorts to a TV show for its source material for a movie – although Jackie Gleason’s 1950s sitcom isn’t one of the better known shows in the UK vpn download windows 10 kostenlos.
The main characters have been left largely intact – same names, jobs, wives and mad-cap ideas – only their skin-colour has changed.
For a white person watching this film, you get a sense of what other ethnicities must have felt for decades – all the good characters are black, the cheeky characters are Hispanic and the only truly nasty character is the only white person in the whole film fahr simulator kostenlos herunterladen.
That said, it’s not meant to be an essay on society – it’s meant to be a bit of fun, and while it follows a predictable formula, doesn’t feel in any way original and milks the few good gags for much more than they deserve, it’ll be hard not to warm to the two main characters herunterladen.
It’s inoffensive, light humour that won’t tax your brain – it’ll probably have very little effect on your brain at all. You might find yourself thinking about how there was an Irish film called The Honeymooners last year or how there was an Irish film with greyhound-racing last week, and then your mind might drift back to this film, and you won’t really have missed anything accountview gratis downloaden.
It’s silly, harmless fun.

Opens nationwide on 2 September 2005

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