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The Last Exorcism
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The Last Exorcism – Review


Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) comes from a line of evangelical ministers. He’s been brought up in the church and takes over from his father. He’s a rousing, inspirational religious speaker, adored by his congregation. But in addition to holding regular services, he runs a sideline in exorcisms.
Cotton has a crisis of faith, but he realises that he can still make a living out of the exorcisms and he can raise his profile by agreeing to let a documentary team follow him on a job.
God-fearing farmer Louis Sweetzer (Louis Herthum) calls Cotton for help with his teenaged daughter Nell (Ashley Bell).
So with camera crew in tow, Cotton sets off with little more than his charm, self-confidence, cynicism and a bag of tricks.
But in time-honoured movie fashion, things don’t go to plan and it’s not long before Cotton his questioning his lack of faith.


Starting as a mockumentary, with our protagonist humorously addressing the camera, before degenerating into a chilling horror that takes no prisoners, this does for the supernatural what District 9 did for alien invasions.
Shooting in a documentary style gives the film a terrific sense of realism when the self-confident trickster starts being confounded by events even he can’t explain.
It’s nail grindingly creepy and oddly gripping, as cracks in Cotton’s understanding of the world start to appear and one-by-one, we’re introduced to more mysterious locals with agendas of their own.
But while it grabs you and leads you on an unexpected path, the Last Exorcism takes one unexpected twist too far as it approaches its denouement and delivers a rather ambiguous ending, turning a trail of destruction into a trail of confusion which raises questions about the bigger picture that are a little too detached from the story at the film’s heart.

Opens nationwide 3rd September 2010



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