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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Review


Explorer Alex O’Connell (Ford) slips away to China, where he discovers a buried army of ancient Chinese warriors, waiting to be awoken from centuries of sleep, to take back control of their country, under the command of the ruthless Emperor Han (Jet Li) netflix op per laptop.
His attempts to recover his treasures are thwarted by sexy ninja Lin (Leong) and her thousand year old mother (who doesn’t look a day over thirty) Zi Juan (Yeoh) sepa direct debit mandate.
Meanwhile – having no idea what his son has been up to – mummy-hunter Rick O’Connell (Fraser) and his wife Evelyn (Bello, taking over the role from Rachel Weisz) accompany a mysterious artefact to China, little knowing that it has the power to bring the stone emperor and his terracotta army back to life witze herunterladen.
You can guess what happens – I’m not spoiling anything by telling you that the emperor comes back to life to exact his bloody revenge on the woman who condemned him to centuries of calcification under the Great Wall of China acrobat reader free download windows 7.
And, as you’d expect, only the O’Connell family can save the world.


As a big budget fight-fest, bursting with all the weapon-wielding CGI skeletons you could wish for, even the harshest of critics will find it hard to say that it doesn’t have its entertaining moments reha antrag herunterladen.
But the story is simplistic, the characters are as stereotypical as they are uninspiring and these are terracotta army soldiers come to life – they’re not even mummies herunterladen!
Rachel Weisz clearly did the right thing by getting out before this franchise ran out of ideas, handing over to Maria Bello, who struggling with the English accent, fails to convince in any sense download minecraft realms world.
Even Brendan Fraser has little of the charm he oozed in his previous outings in the role.
Perhaps the oddest thing about this film is that it comes from Universal – the studio about to release a film about a long-hidden, almost invincible army that’s woken by an all-powerful bad-guy who plans to use its strength to take over the world – and if you can only take one film a year which uses that plot – wait for the far more imaginative Hellboy 2, later this month lieder als mp3 downloaden.

Opens nationwide on 6th August 2008

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