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The Pacifier – Review


Navy S.E.A.L Shane Wolfe (Diesel) is assigned to protect the five
endangered children of an assassinated scientist working on a secret
He soon finds he is juggling the two impossible jobs of fighting the bad
guys while keeping house.


This is a cross between Kindergarten Cop and Mary Poppins but it lacks
the humour of the former and the magic of the latter.
Vin Diesel looks like a seal out of water as he tackles toxic diapers, a
surprise teenage party (to him anyway), a romance with the kids’ head
teacher and frankly a lacklustre script that beggars belief. Diesel
re-enacting the Peter Panda dance will have you cringing in the aisles.
His attempt to direct the local community’s rendition of The Sound of
Music had interesting possibilities which were just thrown away.
Diesel’s on-screen charm isn’t enough to save this howler of a film
which also borders on the xenophobic, with North Koreans as the bad
It has enough pooh jokes to pacify a very young audience but frankly
little else for the rest of the cinema-going public.

THE PACIFIER opens on 27 May 2005



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