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The Perfect Man – Review


Teenager Holly (Duff) is fed up that every time her mother Jean (Locklear) ends a relationship, they move city.
She’s also fed up of seeing her mother miserable, so when Jean hooks up with a loser from the bakery where she works, Holly concocts a cunning, devious and desperate plan word free for free.
To boost Jean’s morale and protect her from the latest waste of space, Holly fabricates a suitor, based on her best friend’s uncle (Noth) but the ruse soon gets out of hand Download free age of empires 2 full version.


The central conceit of this film is so far-fetched that not even a desperate teenager could ever think it would work, even in her wildest dreams kostenlos schriftarten downloaden chip.
It’s as if it never occurred to her that if her mother fell for her “perfect man” as planned, she might actually want to meet him avg for free.
Then, once the snowball starts rolling, it just follows the familiar “what else could possibly go wrong?” formula.
A couple of illogical and unnecessary plot twists near the end only serve to add to the insult herunterladen.
As romantic comedies go, this is a Duff, which will appeal only to girls young enough not to have developed the slightest sense of logic.

opens nationwide 19 August 2005

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