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The Serpent – Review

Joseph Plender (Cornillac), is a ruthless predator with a snake tattoo, who blackmails wealthy married men for money after setting them up with a beautiful girl elster einkommensteuer 2018 herunterladen. He meets up with former classmate, fashion photographer Vincent Mandel (Attal). Mandel is caught up in an ugly divorce and fighting for the custody of his children google play bücher downloaden. Plender, motivated by pure hatred for Mandel, sees his opportunity for revenge for a childhood prank.


Based on English writer Ted Lewis’ book Plender, this is an enticing and gripping thriller with bite gpx consisted op garmin. It’s extremely violent with an implausible premise which only the French can make totally believable. It’s very stylish and Attal and Cornillac’s spellbinding performances keep you watching mac sierra herunterladen. An intriguing little thriller if a tad on the long side.

Opens nationwide on 14 September 2007

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