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The Silence of Lorna: Le Silence de Lorna
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The Silence of Lorna: Le Silence de Lorna – Review


Albanian immigrant Lorna (Dobroshi) managed to get Belgian citizenship by marrying a local drug addict.
She dreams of setting up her own restaurant in the country, but her dream is still a long way off.
The gangsters who secured her citizenship have other plans for her first.
She has to marry a rich Russian businessman, who wants to move to Belgium. She’s happy to divorce her drug addict husband – she never loved him in the first place – but when she discovers that the gangsters have a much quicker way to complete this business transaction, Lorna starts having major doubts about her role in proceedings.


This hard-hitting drama from Belgium’s celebrated Dardenne brothers is every bit as taut and shocking as you might expect from the pair who’d already won the Palme D’Or twice before taking this film to Cannes.
This year, they were pipped to the top prize, but took the award for Best Screenplay.
The film is raw and uncomfortable to watch, as it neatly balances the challenges in Lorna’s personal life with the brutally enforced business deal she can’t shake off.
The key performances are painfully and refreshingly natural and honest.
There’s almost no humour as the tension is ratcheted up and Lorna’s life spins out of control, despite her attempts to keep everything on track.
It’s not what anyone could describe as being an emotionally satisfying experience, but it’ll appeal to lovers of gritty drama that paints a realistic vision of a truly shocking underworld existence.

opens nationwide 28th November 2008



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