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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Review


Carmen (Ferrera), Bridget (Lively), Lena (Bledel) and Tibby (Tamblyn) have been friends since birth. The teenaged girls are about to spend the summer apart for the first time herunterladen. On their last shopping trip together they find a pair of jeans that amazingly fits and flatters each of them perfectly. The strange thing is they are all different shapes and sizes herunterladen serien. They decide to share the jeans over the summer, each one wearing them for a week to see what luck they bring before mailing them on to the next.

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Based on Ann Brashares’ best-selling novel of the same name, this is a bitter sweet tale, primarily about friendship but also about loss, yearning, the discovery of first love and fitting in herunterladen von gopro. It aims to push all the emotional buttons, trying to make you laugh and cry.
The four young actresses are extremely charismatic, with strong performances, giving the impression they have truly been friends for years film herunterladen kostenlos deutsch. Each character has major issues to deal with; Carmen discovering that her estranged father appears to have swapped her and her South American mother for a new family; Bridget has yet to face up the death of her mother as she goes to a football camp in Mexico and embarks on an illicit relationship with an out of bounds older coach; Lena goes to Greece to meet her grandparents and finds an unexpected romance; while Tibby, who stays at home working in the local supermarket, while shooting her pet project, a video “suckumentary” about the banality of life, makes friends with a young girl, who she finds very annoying, but it turns out is seriously ill convert2mp3 herunterladen kostenlos.
This film is way too long and schmaltzy particularly for anyone over fourteen. This is a chick flick in the true sense, there is nothing in it for the boys, and will probably appeal more to ten and eleven year old girls framework herunterladen. It’s a bit too sweet and feel-good for my palate.


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