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Carter (Harrelson) is a renowned escort to ladies right at the top end of high society Washington – accompanying them everywhere from the theatre, to poker games, tea shops and boutiques kostenlos musik herunterladen und offline hören.
One night, when he drops off one of his charges, senator’s wife Lynn (Scott Thomas), at her lover’s house, she comes running back out to the car in tears itunes music for free.
He goes inside to investigate and finds a bloodstained body in the living room. To protect her reputation and her husband’s career, Carter takes her home and reports the body to the police himself herunterladen.
In covering for her, he becomes the chief suspect, damaging his own reputation and career.
Unable to convince the police of his innocence, he sets out to find the killer himself, to clear his name and restore relative normality to these lives that are anything from normal herunterladen.


It’s an interesting role for Woody Harrelson – a gay man, of respected breeding, carving out a living for himself as a high-class escort for high-class ladies microsoft word mac free.
The film is an enlightening expose of the kind of people lurking in the background, while the political wheel spins in the foreground. When your husband’s a busy senator, what are you going to do die siedler 2 vollversion kostenlos? Get yourself a lover and find an escort to take you shopping for soft furnishings, of course.
It’s a thoughtful, brooding, well acted mystery, with a sharp script peppered with worthy one-liners herunterladen. But the actual mystery itself – the murder investigation – is among the least interesting components of the film.
The film works much better as a character study than it does as a crime movie download windows blickpunkt images. The minutiae of the relationships between the various characters – both personal and professional – are far more interesting that the main storyline frontschweine kostenlos downloaden.
A universally strong cast doesn’t really have enough of a plot to get its teeth into.
The film feels rather small in scope and ambition and would probably be more suited to the small screen than the big screen online downloaden service ltd hamburg.


One might find it interesting that a film-maker of Paul Schrader’s standing (writer: Taxi Driver, Raging Bull — writer/director: American Gigolo, Light Sleeper, Affliction) with a cast including Oscar nominees Harrelson, Scott Thomas and Dafoe, are making a film in the Isle of Man.
This is Schrader’s first auteured film for eight years, because he had difficulty getting it financed. Perhaps gay escorts heroically clearing the names of an adulterous senator’s wife doesn’t sound like box-office dynamite, or maybe it was just because it was just too small a project to be interesting to big bucks financiers.
But in the end, it was only thanks to the Isle of Man’s film-making incentives that he manged to raise enough cash to shoot the project.
Like with other films – such as the big nothing of Big Nothing – the Isle of Man has stepped in to help films which otherwise wouldn’t – and in some cases (but not this one) shouldn’t – get made.

Opens nationwide on 10th August 2007

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