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The Weather Man – Review


David Splitz (Nicolas Cage) is a successful and a popular weather man. He is so good at it that he was called for an audition at “Hello America”, a national morning show signal messenger herunterladen. But his personal life is a complete mess. His marriage has just broken down and his wife is seeing another guy; he can’t connect with his obese daughter and introvert son, and his father (Michael Caine), a well-known author, has been just diagnosed with terminal cancer ets downloaden. On top of that, he can’t even connect with his fans, who keep hurling fast food at him.


This is an interesting attempt by the director of “Pirates of the Caribbean” to study quiet desperation of the life of the upper middle-class American families pferde spiele kostenlos downloaden. But don’t expect here the emotional depth and the gripping plot of ‘American Beauty’.
There are a few problems with this film, which, I believe, stem mostly from a plot-less script, that fails to engage you with its characters apps downloaden op ipad. There were moments that could’ve provoked powerful emotions, but they pass by totally unnoticed. Luckily, the film was saved by some comic moments that keep you awake benjamin flower download. Sometimes, though, it gets tiresomely repetitious with the fast food being thrown at David Splitz.
Nicolas Cage gives a brilliant performance, but you never know whether to love or hate his character prime videos auf pc herunterladen. He is as unpredictable as the weather he reports, but he doesn’t do anything meaningful. And you end up thinking ..what a pain in the

Nonetheless, The film will teach you a thing or two about the American weather reporters: they work less than two hours a day and know about the weather as much you do but make over a million dollars a year and get annual $40,000 dollar stipends for their pets android market. Other than that, this is not a film that will stay with you for long. It will, however, be fun to watch if you are a Cage fan, otherwise you will be bored out of your mind Download app failed.

Opens nationwide 03 March 2006

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