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Set in the New York Zoo, Samson (Sutherland) the respected lion leader
one day finds his teenage son Ryan has run away to the wild after a
major row handy spiele kostenlosen.
Samson then goes in search of him accompanied by his friends: a giraffe,
a koala, a dumb anaconda and a hyper squirrel.
Their search for Ryan takes them to another continent and the dangers of
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This is Madagascar meets Finding Nemo. If you’ve seen both those films
this might be a case of deja vu Download tv now app tv series.
Like in Madagascar you have a similar group of zoo animals going in
search of the wild. Having said that this movie is a little more
colourful and adventurous, centering on a father and son relationship mediathek br.
It also appeals both to kids and adults. Eddie Izzard as Nigel, the
trying so hard not to be cute Koala, is the best thing in this
animation, hotly followed by the great William Shatner as the villainous
Kazar – the leader of a wildebeest cult who has serious choreography
issues windows me for free.
The thing about Shatner is he doesn’t take himself too seriously and
seems to enjoy having a laugh and taking risks. Both he and Izzard are
totally surreal and their double entendres and comic skits will be
completely lost on the kids but not on you to download and print.
They will enjoy the glorious animation. All in all a great family film.

Opens nationwide 26 May 2006

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