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The Wildest Dreams
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The Wildest Dreams – Review


In 1924, legendry British explorer, George Mallory, and his assistant, Andrew Sandy, vanished as they tried to reach the top of Mount Everest. They were seen alive just 800 feet from the peak.

In 1999, a renowned mountaineer, Conrad Anker, discovered Mallory’s frozen body in the
mountain’s “death zone”. Remarkably, Mallory’s belongings were found intact on his body, except a photograph of his wife, Ruth, which he had promised to place on the summit if he reached it.

In “The Wildest Dream”, Anker, with the help of a young British climber, Leo Houlding,
sets up to recreate Mallory’s experience and embarks on his own quest to conquer Everest.


“The Wildest Dream” is an exciting journey to the top of the world and a thrilling battle between man and nature. Mallory’s unrelenting determination to conquer the unconquered Everest summit is awe-inspiring, and Conrad’s defiance against the odds to do the same is commendable.

Climbing mountains is a perilous activity, which has claimed the lives of many. Climbers have to battle difficult terrains, harsh weather, subzero temperatures, sudden avalanches and high altitude in their quest to reach Everest’s summit. Descending it is not a picnic either: only 1 out of 6 makes it back. Nevertheless, these impossible conditions haven’t stopped the filmmakers from capturing spectacular images of the Himalayan Mountains and producing a nail-biting, suspenseful drama.

The harshness of climbing Everest is interweaved with a tender love story between Mallory and his wife, Ruth. Mallory continues writing affectionately to Ruth up to the end of his journey, as if her love was the fuel that he needed to propel him forward and upward. He even took her picture with him in order to place it on the summit.

This is a heartbreaking, tragic story, but the majestic beauty of the mountains and the untamed passion of the men who risk taming them are delightful to the eyes and uplifting to the spirit.

Opens nationwide 27th September 2010



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