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Them – Review


French couple Lucas (Cohen) and Clementine (Bonamy) head to a remote Romanian house for a quiet break, to get away from the stresses of everyday life.
Soon after they arrive, while they’re settling in, they become aware of strange noises from outside.
The noises get closer. There’s someone outside. Who is it? What do they want?
Soon, the unseen stalker makes it inside, driving the panicking couple further back into the unexplored corners of their house, until they find themselves, like rats, fleeing for their lives through underground passages.


This very simple and low budget thriller takes the chiller genre back to basics – two goodies, a spooky house and unseen tormentors.
Interestingly, when we do finally get to see the tormentors, the moment is divided between the inevitable sense of anti-climax and a sense of shock that they could cause such fear – and such destruction.
There’s very little to this (it only just notches past an hour and a quarter), so if you like films which have a creeping, growing sense of dread, this is for you.
If you prefer your horror to be full of blood, guts and plentiful shocks, pass on this and wait for the next teen horror to come along.
But even if the effectively ominous, unseen baddie is your thing, the pointlessness and futility of the outcome and the motivation of the tormentors makes for a rather unsatisfying watch.
It’s apparently based on real-life events, which is a clever way of excusing poor or simplistic plotting.

Opens nationwide on 26th January 2007



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