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Whisky – Review


Jacobo (Pazos) is the morose owner of a sock factory in Uruguay. When it’s time to bless his mother’s gravestone, his brother Herman (Bolani) visits from Brazil rezept vorlage kostenlos downloaden.
To impress Herman, Jacobo persuades his even more introverted assistant Marta (Pascual) to pretend she’s his wife.
The charade fails to bring Jacobo and Marta out of their respective shells, until Herman suggests a group holiday, forcing them to confront their problems chrome youtube videos herunterladen.


This is the wryest, slyest, driest of comedies. Not much happens in this slight story, but what does happen confounds all of our expectations herunterladen.
But it’s not about the plot – the film works thanks to the perfectly judged performances from the three leads.
Watching them interacting bestows the kind of embarrassment you might feel watching The Office apps auf samsung tven.
It’s slow, colourless and lacking in much overt – well, anything really – but patience will reward you with an ironic gem of comic drama download msp 2.
And if you’re wondering what the title means, all I’ll say is that if this film had been made in Britain, it would’ve been called “Cheese.”

Opens in London and key cities opens 29 July 2005

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