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Rob Chandler


I’m a super experienced Canadian Screen Nominated docudrama and scripted drama editor .
I’ve just completed 5 episodes of The Next Step for CBBC/Universal Kids US and Family Channel Canada . Edited two episodes of the gritty biker drama Gangland Undercover and cut countless first episodes of high budget docudramas for the US. I hold a British and Canadian Passport so let me if a drama or feature comes up in either UK or Canada!


Toronto / London






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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
TV The Next Step Season 6 Boat Rocker / Radical Sheep/ Editor 2018
TV Air Crash Investigation Series 17&18 Cineflix Productions George D’Amato Editor 2018
TV Gangland Undercover Cineflix Productions Stephen Kemp & Neil Rawles Editor EP1 & 6 2015
Documentary Surviving Evil Ep 101 Terror Beach Cineflix Productions Jeff Vanderwall Editor 2013
Documentary Motive's & Murder's Cineflix Productions Dramadoc Editor 2012
Documentary Cold Blood: Home Invasion Cineflix Productions Docdrama Editor/Story Producer 2011
Documentary Cold Blood: Framed Cineflix Productions Docdrama Editor 2011
Documentary I Escaped: Real Prison Breaks nvestigation Discovery US Docdrama Editor 2011
Documentary Chopin's Dentist S Car Go Prods. Film Editor 2010
Feature Film Honeymooner Col Spector Film Assembling/Editing 2010
TV American Pickers (USA) Cineflix Productions Avid Offline 2010
Commercials Gillian Mckeith Dominion Productions Offline Editor 2009
Documentary The Sex Education Show Vs Pornography Cheeta/Endemol Offline Editor 2009
Documentary The Ugly Face of Beauty Ch4 Edited & Formatted Docdrama series 2009
Short Film A Soft Pillow Red Bag Pictures Editor On FCPro 2009
TV Brit Cops:Rapid Response Steadfast TV Offline Editor 2009
TV Extreme Dreams-the Ultimate Challenge Ricochet Offline Editor 2009
TV How To Look Good Naked Maverick TV Offline Editor 2008
TV Make My Body Younger Two Four Digital Offline Editor 2008
Commercials Horror Movies at Ten Trailers Sci Fi Channel Offline Editor 2005
TV You Are What You Eat Celador Offline Editor 2005
Documentary The Murder Game BBC Editor on Doc/Drama/Reality 2004
Short Film Down to The Wire Director Jarrod Walker Additional Editor 2004
TV A Place in Greece Series 1 & 2 Tiger Aspect Offline Editor 2004
TV Fear Factor Endemol UK Offline Editor 2003