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Then She Found Me

Then She Found Me – Review

Primary school teacher April Epner (Hunt) is pushing forty and desperate for children. She's married, so everything should be OK, right? No. Without warning, her loser husband Ben (Broderick) dumps... Read On

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In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In Search of a Midnight Kiss – Review

It’s New Year’s Eve and screenwriter Wilson – recently arrived in LA – is lonely…so lonely that with the apartment to himself, he’s – ahem – pleasuring himself to an image of his flat-mate’s girlfri... Read On

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I Am Legend

I Am Legend – Review

Dr Crippen (Thompson) appears on a TV News show to announce a medical breakthrough – by tweaking the measles virus, she’s able to cure cancer. But things don’t go to plan. Soon, a terrible virus has... Read On

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Disturbia – Review

Kale (LaBeouf) is a problem teenager. He’s still cut up about the road accident which killed his father, so when his teacher provokes him, he lashes out and ends up with a curfew, and an electronic ... Read On

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28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later – Review

In Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later,” a virus called Rage had infected most of the population of the UK. It took 28 days to get the infection under control. There were few survivors. 28 weeks have now p... Read On

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A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints – Review

We're in the tough neighbourhood of Astoria in 1986 Queens, New York, as teenaged Dito (Labeouf) is struggling with his father (Palminteri), his trouble-making friends (including Scottish actor Com... Read On

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Election – Review

Every two years, the Wo Shing Triad holds an election for a new chairman. This time round, the two candidates are the business-like Lok and the sadistic Big D. We’re dealing with gangsters here, so ... Read On

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Confetti – Review

The struggling bridal magazine, Confetti, decides to boost its sales by staging a competition, picking three couples to have the most “original” wedding. After rejecting dozens of couples whose plan... Read On

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Proof – Review

After the death of her father Robert (Hopkins), Catherine (Paltrow) finds herself living alone in the large house they used to share, close to the university where he lectured in Mathmatics. One of ... Read On

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The Perfect Man – Review

Teenager Holly (Duff) is fed up that every time her mother Jean (Locklear) ends a relationship, they move city. She's also fed up of seeing her mother miserable, so when Jean hooks up with a loser ... Read On

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