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Going The Distance

Going The Distance – Review

Garrett (Justin Long) is a hip young exec at a small Manhattan record label. He’s a bit of a loser in love and as we meet him, he’s getting dumped for believing a girlfriend who told him he didn’t... Read On

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Black Death

Black Death – Review

In the fourteenth century, the Black Death is tearing its way through community after community, leaving bodies piled high in the streets. Even men of the cloth aren’t being spared. Word gets t... Read On

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The Wolfman

The Wolfman – Review

When an aristocrat’s son is ripped to shreds by a mysterious beast, on a full-moonlit night in 1891 England, his brother Lawrence (Del Toro) returns from America to be with his father, Sir John (H... Read On

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Jennifers Body

Jennifer’s Body – Review

Jennifer (Fox) is the head of the cheerleaders – the most beautiful, desired and envied girl in the school. Her unlikely best friend, since they were toddlers, is the school’s four-eyed square Anita... Read On

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Up – Review

As a young boy, Carl Fredricksen (Leary) saw himself as a bit of an adventurer, looking up to his hero Charles Muntz (Plummer) who disappeared in a cloud of controversy when one of his great discove... Read On

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Notorious, 1946

Notorious, 1946 – Review

Just after the Second World War, a Nazi is sentenced by an American court for treachery. The intelligence services decide that his playgirl daughter Alicia (Bergman) could be useful to them, to find... Read On

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What Just Happened?

What Just Happened – Review

Who’d be a producer? The “mayonnaise in a bad sandwich” as Bruce Willis (as himself) describes the most thankless role in the movie business. As the film begins, middle-aged producer Ben (De Niro) h... Read On

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Ghost Town

Ghost Town – Review

Bertram Pincus (Gervais) is a cantankerous British dentist, who’s set up a practice in Manhattan. He lives alone in a plush apartment building where the only person he ever acknowledges is the do... Read On

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Cashback – Review

Cashback – Review

After Ben (Biggerstaff) is dumped by his girlfriend (Ryan), he can't sleep at night, so he decides he might as well put the extra time he has to good use by earning a bit of extra cash by working t... Read On

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Brick Lane

Brick Lane – Review

In the late 1980s, a young Bangladeshi woman, Nazneen (Chatterjee) is sent to London to marry a much older businessman, Chanu (Kaushik). They settle in a poky flat in Bethnal Green, where they bring... Read On

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